Donald Trump WINS – The Verdict Is In!

Mary Trump's Case Against Donald Is TOSSED

Mary Trump’s Case Against Donald Is TOSSED

( – Despite tossing his hat in the ring for the 2024 presidential race on Tuesday, November 15, former President Donald Trump is still facing a number of legal challenges. As of Monday, November 14, he’d won at least one against his niece, Mary Trump, after the court dismissed her lawsuit against the ex-POTUS and his siblings.

In September 2020, Mary Trump brought suit against Donald Trump, Maryanne Trump Barry, and the estate of Robert Trump for misrepresenting the value of her portion of holdings left to her by her father, Fred Trump, Jr. and her grandfather, Fred Trump.

Sr. Judge Robert Reed of the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan dismissed the case because Ms. Trump signed a general release in 2001 as part of a settlement agreement after her grandfather’s death. She received more than $2.7 million in exchange for her holdings, and the agreement prohibited her from pursuing future actions against the defendants regarding the assets.

In his finding, Judge Reed noted how the agreement “did not require the defendants to make true and correct representations to the plaintiff” but that “these documents clearly and unambiguously released defendants from unknown claims, including fraud claims.” In response, Roberta Kaplan, Mary Trump’s attorney, appealed the ruling on November 16.

Mary Trump claimed she was unaware of the fraud until she assisted reporters from The New York Times with a Pulitzer-winning article in 2018 revealing how the family allegedly eluded estate, gift, and inheritance taxes by devaluing property holdings.

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