Detransitioner Files Suit Over Experimental Gender Therapies

Detransitioner Files Suit Over Experimental Gender Therapies

( – Adolescence, with fluctuating hormone levels and challenging social dynamics, seems overwhelming under the best of circumstances. Yet, it became a nightmare for one teen diagnosed with gender dysphoria and railroaded into life-changing puberty blockers and surgeries before she was 15 years old. Now, Chloe Cole is filing suit against those who subjected her to experimental gender therapies, hoping no other teen will ever go through what she has.

Starting at the age of 9, Cole began showing symptoms of gender dysphoria. By the time she was 12, doctors began encouraging her to transition, suggesting a course of puberty blockers and testosterone to reshape her body and emotions. She was transitioning to male by the time she was 13, and by 15, she underwent a life-changing double mastectomy. A year later, dealing with pain and regret, Cole detransitioned. She’s 18 now and will always carry the physical and psychological scars.

On Thursday, November 10, Cole appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to talk about her experience and explain why she’s bringing suit against the doctors she says pushed transition onto her as the only way to treat gender dysphoria. She defended her parents, explaining doctors told them they could have “a dead daughter or a live son.”

They used scare tactics, suggesting the only successful treatment was through chemical and surgical transition. She felt pressured to make permanent, life-changing decisions as a child.

Cole has become an outspoken critic of transgender values. She’s suing for fraud, negligence, mutilation, and violation of informed consent because providers never told her there was a good chance her gender dysphoria would resolve with age; in fact, doctors told her transitioning was the only resolution and, according to Cole, the health team didn’t adequately explain long-term health risks associated with the process to her or her parents. She felt the providers breached her trust.

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