DeSantis ‘Would Yank’ Student Visas Of Pro-Hamas Supporters

( – Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appeared on Newsmax on Monday and reiterated that if he’s elected, he would take away visas from foreign nationals studying in the United States if they showed support for the radical militant Palestinian group Hamas. Eric Bolling, host of “The Balance,” asked DeSantis about his promise to pull student visas for foreign nationals who support Hamas and what his thoughts were on those pushing back on that idea.

DeSantis replied that foreigners are “here at the grace of the American people,” and those with visas are absolutely subject to having such privileges revoked. DeSantis warned foreign students with visas that if they’re out protesting “in favor of Hamas” and the attacks on Israel on October 7, he will “yank” their visas and send them right home.

The Florida governor also noted the limited number of spots at universities and that he feels more American students should be enrolled instead “to begin with.” “Nevertheless,” he added, the government has “every right to do it.” He also brought up how mass immigration is happening in Europe as well and is changing “the underlying dynamics” of the societies in those countries, leading to many large pro-Hamas protests there as well. DeSantis said he’s fine with people he disagrees with taking “to the streets,” but that he would not support anyone “openly” supporting “a terrorist organization” like Hamas, which is a “new low” for many of the schools involved.

Last week, DeSantis made the same promise, and it seems he’s not backing down from it. Currently, he sits behind former President Donald Trump in the polls as the second runner-up for the Republican presidential nomination.

Another controversial position taken by the Florida governor is that he doesn’t believe the US should take in Palestinian refugees from Gaza who’ve been displaced by Israel’s military response.

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