DeSantis Softens Abortion Stance – No Punishment for Women

( – Republican Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis has made his views on abortion clearer and said he would not pursue women who undergo the procedure in the criminal justice system. In April, DeSantis signed one of the strictest laws on abortion in the United States and banned it after six weeks of pregnancy. In cases involving rape, incest, or human trafficking, this extends to 15 weeks.

Most states that prohibit or restrict abortion emphasize the activities of physicians rather than pregnant women, and DeSantis recently confirmed he agrees with that position. “I don’t think this is an issue about the woman. I think a lot of these women are in very difficult circumstances,” he said. The Floridian added that his state will provide support to pregnant women so they do not feel that abortion is their only option.

The issue may be a difficult one for the Republican Governor and the Republican Party overall. While many Floridians supported the legislation, national polls show the issue is not straightforward and may be difficult for GOP candidates to navigate. In April, when Florida’s new laws were passed, a Reuters poll found that half of Americans opposed a six-week abortion ban, including 44% of Republicans.

Furthermore, DeSantis lost significant support as a result of the legislation. Robert Bigelow, the Governor’s biggest donor, is threatening to withdraw his backing, partly because of the abortion issue. Bigelow said a woman may not even know she is pregnant at the six-week point.

DeSantis has avoided answering questions on whether he would support a federal ban, while President Trump warns Republicans to moderate their position on the contentious and emotive issue. Last December, Mr. Trump said GOP candidates were damaged in the midterms by what he called “extreme” abortion positions. He insisted that Republicans had to at least support the three exceptions: rape, incest, and protecting the mother’s life.

Trump said candidates who do not support those exceptions are “doomed.”

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