DeSantis SAYS IT – He’s Not Holding Back!

( – Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis said during a Friday conference call with donors, organized by his “Never Back Down” Super PAC and published by the New York Times, that only he and US President Joe Biden are the ones who can win the 2024 presidential election.

DeSantis’ comments seem to repeat the same narrative that many Republican presidential candidates have been saying over the last few months, claiming that the GOP won’t recover the White House if former President Donald Trump is the nominee. They point out he will inevitably lose against President Biden, based on the 2016 presidential elections and some defeats that Trump-endorsed candidates have suffered in different elections. However, numerous polls show the former commander-in-chief is not only the favorite to win the nomination but also has a lead of 7 points on President Biden.

In his remarks to the donors, the Florida Governor told them that the only three politicians that are currently “credible” in the United States are not only him and President Biden but also Trump. However, he said that the only two political figures that have a real “chance to get elected president” are “Biden and me.” He said he based his opinion on every single data that is currently available in the US swing states, which he said it’s “not great for the former president.” DeSantis added that the most delicate aspect of this data for Trump is that people aren’t going to have a different “view on him.”

He also claimed in the call that he recently talked to an Iowa voter about the current situation in the country and the presidential election. According to the Florida Governor, the voter told him that while he used to like the former president’s policies, he didn’t “like his values.”

While DeSantis hasn’t officially announced a presidential bid, many media outlets say he will do it anytime soon. Different polls show he’s currently the second-favorite to win the GOP nomination after Trump.

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