DeSantis Blasts Haley For Not Endorsing Trump

( – Despite his rivalry with former President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis kept his word and endorsed Trump after dropping out of the presidential race, and now he’s blasting former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley for not doing the same.

On Wednesday, March 6, DeSantis appeared on Newsmax and blasted Haley for not backing the former president when she announced the suspension of her presidential campaign. DeSantis told host Eric Bolling that Haley broke her word by not sticking to a pledge she signed along with him and other Republican candidates.

DeSantis reminded Haley that he signed the pledge and that she signed it, too, promising not to take her “ball and go home.” He said that he “honored the pledge” and that Haley has “to make a decision” about whether or not to do the same. DeSantis added that every candidate knew what they were doing when they signed the pledge and that when he says he’s “going to do something,” he keeps his promise.

The Florida governor also criticized Haley’s campaign strategy, claiming that she ran the race “on the idea” that she could “somehow win the Republican nomination” by obtaining votes from mostly non-Republicans, which DeSantis told Bolling “doesn’t work.” He said this was obvious after the Iowa caucus and that her loss “was to be expected.”

DeSantis dropped out of the race following the results of that first primary contest. DeSantis was Trump’s biggest challenger and consistently held second place, so many wondered why Haley bothered to continue running when she was even further behind in support. After multiple crushing defeats, Haley suffered the final blow on Super Tuesday, during which Trump won all 14 states in the contest.

DeSantis told Bolling that the focus should now be on defeating Biden, who the Florida governor reminded viewers is “clearly not up to the job.”

As he gears up for a rematch with Biden, which appears to be a certainty at this point, Trump assured his voters in his Super Tuesday victory speech at his Mar-a-Lago estate that his campaign’s success will unite the country again.

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