Dems Press The Attack – Woke To The CORE!

( – Democrats appear to have a new type of mascot this election season: drag queens. A Turning Point USA contributor revealed new footage on Monday from a drag show hosted in Tempe, Arizona, which was billed as “all-ages” and basically turned into a Democratic political rally.

The footage, posted by Drew Hernandez, was captured at an event hosted by Richard Stevens, who goes by Barbra Seville, where he is encouraging the audience to register to vote and “turn the tide” against Republicans in the next election.

Stevens mentioned that “over 500 laws” have been introduced across the nation against transgenderism and drag performances, and told the audience that if “one more person” sharing their views could be elected, then they can “call the shots.”

What Stevens didn’t mention is that these proposed laws in about 20 states across the country only prevent minors from undergoing transgender “treatments,” prohibit explicit drag performances in front of minors, and keep males out of female sports and spaces.

The political rally also featured a rapper who performed lewd songs with explicit lyrics in front of children present in the audience. Democrats seem to be emboldened and see nothing wrong with eliminating necessary boundaries established to protect children from abuse while flipping the script and accusing their opponents of harming children by trying to maintain those boundaries.

Another bit of shocking footage emerged recently from a Pride event in West Hollywood where a group of fetishists marched. The group featured a pickup truck with two men in the back, one of whom was mostly naked, tied up, and being spanked with leather straps by the other.

Most adults have no problem with other adults doing whatever they wish in their bedrooms, but the political divide is centered around the fact that Democrats are permitting and encouraging their base to exhibit this behavior publicly and in the presence of minors. Republicans are no longer standing for it.

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