Dems Launch Website Ripping GOP On Abortion

( – Senate Democrats have launched a website attacking the GOP’s stance on abortion. The site,, contains quotes from high-profile Republicans that demonstrate their position on abortion, which Democrats consider extreme.

For example, the first person featured is Arizona firebrand Kari Lake, whose quotes include her labeling abortion “murder” and “execution.” Lake, who lost Arizona’s gubernatorial election to Katie Hobbs and claimed the election was rigged, is standing for a Senate seat in 2024.

Florida’s Rick Scott also features on the website, saying he would sign a bill to limit abortions to pregnancies lower than six weeks’ gestation.

Mike Rogers, James Craig, and Peter Meijer are included under the title of Michigan, and their comments include expressions of support for the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and promises to fight attempts to ensure abortion access inside the Great Lakes State.

Michigan voters consented to legislation in 2022 that ensured abortion rights in the state in the wake of the Roe ruling. Electors approved of the resolution by 56.65% to 43.35%. The proposal overturned 1931 legislation to ban the procedure, which would have taken effect after Roe was overturned, but voters were asked to prevent that from happening.

Nikki Snyder, a registered nurse, is running for the Senate this year in Michigan and is standing on an anti-abortion platform. Analysts suggest the race may be a close one.

Others mentioned on the Democrat site include Montana’s Tim Sheehy, who said abortion was murder, and Nevada’s Sam Brown, who opposes any exceptions for victims of rape or incest. Similarly, in Ohio, Bernie Moreno agreed that there should be no exceptions.

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has warned Republican candidates about adopting a no-exceptions stance and said this is driving voters away from the GOP. Mr. Trump says he is pro-life but believes abortion should be available in cases involving rape or incest or if the mother’s life is in danger.

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