Dems DIVIDED – Calls to Replace Biden in 2024!

( – Pressure is mounting on President Joe Biden to step aside and “pass the torch” to another candidate in 2024. Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips is the latest to voice his concern and has asked President Biden to stand down to protect his legacy. He also warned fellow Democrats that with Biden at the helm, there is a genuine possibility that America will opt for a second Donald Trump term in the Oval Office.

“I’m doing this to prevent a return of Donald Trump to the White House. I just felt compelled to raise my voice in the face of what I consider to be an unwillingness to confront the truth right now,” he said.

Phillips told PBS correspondent Laura Barrón-López that the Democrats are repeating the mistakes of 2016, when the party effectively appointed Hillary Clinton as its candidate. Phillips argues the same is happening now, as the Democrats are not seriously considering another option for 2024. He called on Democratic governors across the US to consider putting themselves forward.

Phillips’s remarks come only days after the left-leaning Atlantic magazine, which supported Biden in 2020, ran a piece entitled “Step Aside, Joe Biden.” It specifically noted the president’s age, an issue that prompted the majority of Democratic voters last year to say they would rather have another candidate.

Meanwhile, Republicans rally around Donald Trump, who will almost certainly be the GOP candidate in the White House race. The former President has now been indicted four times, and with each one, his support appears to grow as millions of Americans believe he is the victim of a political witch hunt intended to scupper his presidential campaign.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has robustly defended President Trump and said the latest indictment from Georgia is a “desperate sham.” He accused Georgia officials of dancing to Biden’s tune and weaponizing the justice system against a political candidate. Republican House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik called District Attorney Fani Willis a “radical” leftist who is pursuing Trump to enhance her career.

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