Democrats Spent $100 MILLION On These Controversial Topics!

( – The public hospital system of New York City will spend nearly $100 million housing migrants in hotels across the city through the spring.

Mitchell Katz, CEO of the New York City Health + Hospitals Corporation overseeing housing for illegal immigrants entering the city, approved the budget to house the migrants in four hotels in Manhattan. $40 million will go to Row NYC which is located near Times Square; $28 million to the Stewart Hotel near Madison Square Garden; $20 million to the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen; and $5.8 million to the Wolcott Hotel located near the Empire State Building.

Since last year, almost 50,000 migrants have flooded into the city, many of whom have been sent on buses from Texas by Gov. Greg Abbot amid the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Including the four aforementioned hotels, there’s a total of seven “Humanitarian Response and Relief Centers” in NYC; the others are the Holiday Inn located in the Manhattan Financial District, the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, and the Wingate by Wyndham Hotel in Long Island City.

A spokesperson for NYC Mayor Eric Adams said the city “has mounted a multi-agency response to ensure we are meeting our moral obligations and providing compassionate, comprehensive care to those arriving in our city” and said the NYC Health + Hospitals have “been key in that response from the start.” 

In January, a days-long protest and encampment erupted outside the Watson in Hell’s Kitchen after the city ordered the single male migrants being housed there to move to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Some did not like the communal living situation in Brooklyn, preferring the hotel’s privacy, and returned to Hell’s Kitchen or refused to leave (egged on and supported by left-wing activists) and started sleeping outside the hotel until police cleared them out after a few days. Shortly after, Adams staged a public relations response to the controversy by spending the coldest winter night at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal with the migrants to show it was not so bad.

The influx of migrants is putting a strain on the city’s resources, and Adams is still pleading with the Biden administration for more assistance in dealing with the crisis.

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