Democrats Propose Discharge Petition to Get Past Mike Johnson

( – Democrats have suggested using a discharge petition to bring a $95 billion overseas aid bill to the House of Representatives, sidestepping objections from House Speaker Mike Johnson. Mr. Johnson hinted that he will not place the aid package to the House for a vote, because it is “silent on the most pressing issue” facing Americans – illegal immigration. Nevertheless, the Senate passed the bill, which will give $60 billion to Ukraine, by 70 votes to 29.

Democratic Rep. Ami Bera posted a potential solution on Twitter and said she was ready to sign a discharge petition to bypass Johnson’s objections. Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi also mentioned the petition during a CNN interview and said Democrat House leader Hakeem Jeffries supports the idea.

The legislation comes as Republicans refused a back a similar bill containing measures related to the southern border, but which the GOP said did not go far enough, and Donald Trump denounced as a “death wish.” The new legislation has prompted discussion on America’s role in the world and whether it is incumbent upon the US to provide billions to foreign countries while its own people struggle.

Senior politicians from both parties, however, believe the Ukraine war is inextricably linked to global and US security. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is fiercely supportive of the Ukrainian cause and worked alongside his Democrat counterpart Chuck Schumer to produce the legislation, with Schumer linking it to America’s place on the world stage. “With this bill, the Senate declares that American leadership will not waiver,” Schumer said.

A discharge petition will require the signatures of 218 members of the House of Representatives. If that is achieved, the bill can be placed before the House and voted through. Some political analysts have described the petition solution as a “long shot,” particularly as a number of Democrats have already said they won’t sign it. Rep. Mike Garcia, for example, said he has “zero appetite” for a petition.

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