Democrats Just Cried “RACISM” Over… Spying?

( – Democrats have warned against “racism” when dealing with the threat from China.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) led the way at a House Financial Services Committee meeting about China and the economic threat it poses, by alerting other members to watch their language and ensure they don’t stoke anti-Asian sentiment. She blamed Donald Trump and said he had used dangerous and xenophobic language leading to a vast increase in attacks on Asians in America.

Reminiscent of the habitual left-wing demand for control of speech, Waters said, “While there are valid reasons to critique the actions of the Chinese Communist Party, it’s important that we do not conflate the actions of a political party and the Chinese people.”

While Rep. Waters blamed Donald Trump for anti-Asian violence, statistics reveal that most such violence is not committed by white people but by members of other racial minorities. According to NYPD, there was an increase in anti-Asian violence in New York in 2020 in the wake of the pandemic, however, most of this was carried out by African-Americans and Hispanics.

Only 2 out of 20 cases involved white antagonists. In response to this data from NYPD, some academics have blamed white people and argued that minorities who attack each other are doing so because they are copying white behavior. 

In 2021, author Ying Ma wrote that in the wake of the pandemic and growing anti-Asian violence, it was time for an honest discussion about the racial tension between non-white groups in the United States – specifically between black and Asian groups. She said America was quick to blame white people for all racial difficulties, and the media was quick to blame Donald Trump, but the reality is that black-on-Asian violence was a serious issue in America before the pandemic and before the Trump presidency.

Her arguments are accompanied by stark statistics. For example, in San Francisco in 2008, 85% of violent crime was committed by blacks against Asian victims.

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