Democrat Strategist Rips ‘Tone Deaf’ Biden And His Team

( – A Democrat strategist has blasted President Biden and called him “tone deaf.” Doug Schoen, a Democrat veteran and former advisor to Bill Clinton, also stated that the President is not listening to experienced political campaigners and has placed a “near-total freeze” on advice and ideas. Strategists specifically warn the President to empathize more with voters’ financial worries and emphasize his economic successes but fear this advice is falling on deaf ears.

Mr. Schoen said he believes November’s election will be determined mainly based on people’s worries about inflation. Furthermore, voters are not persuaded by President Biden’s claims that America’s economy is back on track. A Harris poll for the Guardian newspaper in May, for instance, found that most Americans believe the economy is in recession despite evidence that it has grown 1.6% this year.

Some commentators believe that voters base this assumption on increased prices at the gas pump and grocery store and, regardless of official figures, will vote based on their own financial experiences.

Separately, fellow Democrat strategist David Axelrod agreed with Schoen and said President Biden is resolutely refusing to listen to advice telling him to acknowledge inflation and recognize that people see the nation’s finances through a personal lens. Axelrod said Biden wants to claim credit for economic successes by citing facts and figures, but this will have minimum impact. “You can cite data until the cows come home, but what counts is how people are perceiving the economy,” Alexrod said.

Several studies find that the state of the economy is the most critical issue for voters – specifically inflation. In one comparison, 22% of voters said inflation was vital, compared to 7% who cited jobs. Biden’s recent emphasis on job creation will harm him, experts say. The same survey found that 68% considered food costs most important, and only 31% thought the economy was improving. In March, 65% said the economy was better under Donald Trump, compared to just 38% who preferred Biden’s approach.

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