Democrat STAR Loses Her “Free Pass” – She’s In Hot Water!

( – Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has come under attack at a packed out Mayoral debate in the city. The Democrat was under pressure from 8 candidates, including those from her own party, as her controversial “woke” leadership comes under the spotlight. The election for Chicago’s Mayor takes place in February. 

Fellow Democrat Rep. Kam Buckner took a swipe at Lightfoot’s decision to raise the city’s bridges following protests that took place following the death of George Floyd in 2020. “Many of us thought that this administration would raise the bar. But all we’ve seen is raise the bridges, attempt to raise taxes, and to raise the murder rate,” Buckner said. 

The illegal immigration crisis also came under the spotlight. Lightfoot, like her New York counterpart Eric Adams, has declared that her city is always open to illegal crossers of the southern US border, but when the reality has hit, her tune has changed. In September last year, she was accused of hypocrisy when she sent dozens of illegal migrants to a Republican neighborhood. Candidate Paul Vallas accused the Mayor of welcoming migrants but with no arrangements in place for what to do with them. “You can’t just say we’re a sanctuary city, we’re inviting everybody in, and then not have a plan for dealing with people when they do come in,” Vallas said. 

While welcoming the world to the Windy City, Lightfoot has overseen extraordinary crime levels, including a murder rate several times higher than that of New York or Los Angeles. Meanwhile, car theft rose 173% in 2022, theft was up 23%, burglary by 29%, and robbery rose by 53%. The Mayor however continues to campaign on a safety platform. 

Lightfoot has been an enthusiastic promoter of “woke” and “critical race theory” far-left ideologies. In 2021, she said she would only give interviews to black or brown reporters. 

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