Democrat Star Blames “Racism” For Historic Loss!

( – Lori Lightfoot, who crashed out of the Chicago Mayoral race in the first round, has blamed racism and sexism for her defeat. At a press conference in the Windy City, after the outcome was announced, a reporter asked her if she felt the result was rooted in discrimination.

Lightfoot replied, “of course,” adding, “I’m a black woman in America.” She is the third black Mayor of Chicago and was elected in 2019 as a surprise victor promising to challenge corruption.

Lightfoot lost out to Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson who will now face each other in a run-off in April. The only white candidate in the 9-person contest was Paul Vallas whom Lightfoot accused of using a “racist dog whistle” in his bid to win the endorsement of the city’s police union. 

Vallas has previously apologized to the Mayor after he liked tweets mocking her appearance and describing her as masculine. In such tweets, she was described as a “gnome,” a “racist,” and having a receding hairline. Lightfoot hit back at Vallas by calling him a Republican at heart who is pretending to be a Democrat to win the support of voters in the largely left-wing city. 

The Mayor has overseen some of the worst crime rates in Chicago in recent years and the election was largely based on tackling the problem. She was also guilty of a series of gaffes throughout her four-year term. She had a haircut immediately after closing hair salons during the pandemic, broke her own mask mandate at a WNBA game, and said only vaccinated people should be allowed to gather socially.

She displayed her “woke” credentials by declaring racism a “public health emergency,” and insisted that southern states were immoral and unpatriotic for transporting illegal border crossers to her sanctuary city. 

Following her defeat, she took to Twitter to thank all who had supported her and said being Mayor of Chicago had been the honor of a lifetime. 

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