Democrat Mayor Imposes Curfew On Illegal Immigrants

( – After a spike in crimes as well as multiple complaints from residents about increasing panhandling activity and trespassing, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is proposing a city-wide curfew for immigrants who are staying in state-funded shelters.

With an increase in crime and safety concerns around immigrant shelters, Adams is proposing a curfew to try and mitigate the problem. If implemented, illegal border crossers throughout the city who are staying in temporary shelters will be required to sign in to claim their beds by 11 PM every evening and to stay in those rooms until at least 6 AM every morning, save for an emergency. In an announcement, Adams said the city will first test-run the policy at a few shelters before imposing it on all of them.

If an individual using a state-funded shelter violates the new rule three times in a single month, they could be expelled from the shelter and lose their beds. Exceptions would be made for school or work obligations, as well as appointments made during those hours.

The complaints started coming from the area surrounding a shelter at Floyd Bennet Field. According to the reports, immigrants from the shelter are going door-to-door asking for money, clothing, and other goods, often carrying an electronic device with a message translated into English identifying themselves as from the nearby shelter and in need of assistance. Residents have also reported incidents of trespassing and loitering at unusual hours of the night, which has put the neighborhood on edge.

Although it’s better than nothing, many residents don’t seem confident that this new policy will change very much either. One resident, who said he sympathizes with the immigrants, also described the situation in his neighborhood as “an invasion.”

The mayor’s popularity is falling as he scrambles to pull any solution out of the hat to deal with the immigration crisis that has been bombarding the city heavily over the last two years and putting a massive strain on city resources. Since the spring of 2022, over 200,000 border-crossers have entered the Big Apple, creating a situation that could potentially “destroy” the city if the federal government doesn’t step in and do more to help, according to Adams.

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