Democrat Leader Takes To The STREETS – Drastic Measures Taken!

( – As the Big Apple faces over 20,000 government job vacancies, the mayor hit the streets last Thursday to recruit applicants to fill the positions.

Mayor Eric Adams was spotted with some of his staff members at the train station in Jamaica, Queens, giving out fliers to promote an upcoming jobs fair which will take place at York College. 

The city faces a substantial amount of vacant positions in various departments, which the mayor admitted needs to be handled in order to keep the government running. Adams took it upon himself to talk to hand out fliers and talk to New Yorkers and convince them to apply for these positions. An analysis published last December estimated at least 23,000 vacancies, a number that has been reduced due to the tightening budget.

The new $106.7 billion budget announced recently is record-breaking and demonstrates that the city is in deep financial trouble in the aftermath of pandemic lockdowns, mandates, and the surging migrant crisis putting a strain on the struggling city’s resources.

Over 50,000 asylum seekers have entered NYC over the last year after crossing the border. Adams also complained to FEMA recently to request that they stop other cities from busing migrants to NYC to help mitigate the problem. He also blasted President Joe Biden and the federal government for not stepping in to help with the situation, accusing the White House of turning its back on NYC.

One of the main reasons for the vast amount of vacancies, in general, is the fact that following the pandemic, a substantial amount of people fled big cities like New York in order to settle in rural areas or cities in more red states. 2020 and 2021 saw a mass exodus of residents from cities, which was also bolstered by the rise in remote jobs allowing people to work from home rather than from an office.

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