Democrat Governor TARGETS “Strike Force” – Tries To Stop It!

( – Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs is taking flak from Republicans after a controversial move to reallocate funds away from a Border Strike Force which was specifically assigned to handle border-related crime. The Democrat tendency to hamstring law enforcement unless they’re targeting parents at school board meetings is remarkable. 

The program has been in operation since 2015, but Hobbs believes it could be better spent with local law enforcement and encouraging them to do the job of the Border Strike Force. Hobbs claimed the group is “not a force” nor is it “striking at the border,” and thus they don’t need them anymore. 

The force is a part of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and they provide “a comprehensive collaborative approach” to border security in order to “thwart transnational criminal organizations.” Their mission includes targeting human traffickers and drug smugglers, as well as cartels operating across the Arizona border with Mexico. Their newly appointed head thinks they target too many brown people. Does he know that most people from South & Central America have darker skin tones? 

The strike force engages in patrols, drone reconnaissance, and direct action to interdict organized crime in their state. Apparently, they were busting too many criminals, too far from the border for their work to be considered valuable by the open-border cartel-coddling Democrats. 

Republicans in the House including Reps. Paul Gosar & Andy Biggs were incredibly critical of the move, comparing it to the national trend of tolerating border crime and being soft on law enforcement. Gosar specifically believed that the move will cause more people to die. Biggs tore the move as “shameful” and suggested that the Strike Force was keeping Arizonians safe while helping to secure our southern border from criminals. 

Rep. Debbie Lesko said it was “unacceptable” to dissolve the group and commented on the ongoing trafficking of women, children, and deadly drugs like fentanyl across the southern border. Rep. Eli Crane went further calling it foolish, cowardly, and yet another example of the Democrats behaving like cowards and actively participating in the dismantling of our border. 

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