Democrat Governor TARGETED – “Reparations” Push Could Decide His Career!

( – The Democratic Governor of California has been called upon to use executive-legislative authority to implement reparations proposals for black citizens of the state.

Gavin Newsom is facing growing pressure to enact legislation that would give $360,000 each to every black Californian in compensation for slavery. The proposal has been put forward by the Reparations Task Force, which was established in 2020 after Black Lives Matter riots caused destruction and death across the nation. If the plan were to come to fruition, it would cost the Golden State around $640 billion. 

Dreisen Heath, a so-called “reparations activist,” has now said that Newsom must side-step the state’s legislative bodies and implement the proposals unilaterally.

“The task force is doing the grunt work of preparing final recommendations, but at the end of the day these recommendations are non-binding and still require uncompromising political will to enact remedies that will begin to address centuries of compounded harm,” he said. Heath added that the Biden administration should replicate the reparations nationwide and should do so without the approval of Congress. 

The situation is even worse in San Francisco, where activists have come up with a figure of $5 million for each black resident. Legal expert Leo Terrell, who is African American, said he will be the first to sue the state for racial discrimination if the plans are carried out. He said the idea is unconstitutional and cannot lawfully be carried. It is unclear how the reparations panel intends to deal with this legal roadblock. 

It is also unclear how California can afford such extravagant payouts of public money. In January, Governor Newsom announced that the state is already not taking in enough taxes to cover expenses.

California is heading toward a deficit of $22.5 billion and Newsom is promising spending cuts to cover the gap. He has been forced to cut his “climate change” legislation ambitions by $6 billion, but still boasts that investment will be among the highest in the world. 

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