Democrat Declares Emergency Over Tiny Number of Migrants

( – The Democratic Mayor of Denver has declared a state of ‘emergency’ after a tiny percentage of illegal migrants arrived in the city. Michael Hancock said the Colorado capital was close to breaking point as a mere 650 migrants landed there. The figure is dwarfed by 1,000s arriving in El Paso, Texas, and other southern cities, and amounts to only 0.01% of the numbers who have entered the US illegally under the Biden administration.

“It is at crisis point right now and cities all over this country are being forced to deal with something we’re not equipped to deal with,” Hancock said. He added that his emergency declaration would allow him to secure resources and streamline processes for dealing with the influx.

In a thread on Twitter on December 7th, just over a week before he declared the emergency, the Mayor wrote that Denver would “always” be welcoming and would provide for the needs of migrants including “transportation to other destinations.”

While Hancock has avoided designating Denver a ‘sanctuary’ city, some laws he has introduced arguably amount to the same thing according to The Denver Post. He has signed legislation barring city employees from asking about a person’s immigration status and banned federal immigration agents speaking to prison inmates without a warrant.

Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper, former Mayor of Denver, as well as some city officials continue to welcome the migrant influx despite Hancock’s warnings. Hickenlooper said, “Denver will welcome these migrants with open arms and help any way they can.”

As the reality of mass immigration hits home, Hancock is not the first Democrat to sound the alarm. In December, California Governor Gavin Newsom said his state would ‘break’ under the strain. Newsom has been an outspoken proponent of mass immigration and has designated California a sanctuary state and provided publicly funded benefits to illegal immigrants, including free healthcare.

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