“Defund The Police” Activist CALLS POLICE For Help!

(ConservativeSense.com) – A Los Angeles City Councilman, who is an avid supporter of the “defund the police” radical left-wing faction, has come under fire for requesting police protection for his car. Hugo Soto-Martinez is a trade union activist and member of the Democratic Socialist Party and was elected to the City Council in December 2022.

During his election campaign, he described himself as an abolitionist who wants to bring policing to an end. He said police funding should be re-routed to other public sector bodies.

Soto-Martinez’s car reportedly broke down near the City Council offices on February 1st and a member of his staff contacted LAPD to ask them to increase their patrols near the councilman’s car. Members of the public immediately took to social media platforms to condemn his hypocrisy. He was also accused of abusing his power because extra patrols cannot be expected by most people.

One LA resident said, “Sounds like he was maybe abusing his connections in a position of power to use that privilege to protect his property. That’s not something that any average person would be able to do.”

Defunding the police became a rallying cry for the extreme left wing immediately after the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis in 2020. Aided by the mainstream media, the idea of dismantling the criminal justice system was moved toward the political center.

Some Democrats on Capitol Hill supported the notion and video footage emerged showing senior figures including Nancy Pelosi saying that it was reasonable for police funding to be spent elsewhere. Democratic Congress Member Cori Bush said “defunding the police has to happen” while Vice President Kamala Harris said she applauded the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti for pledging to reduce LAPD resources by $150,000 million. 

In 2020, a police-free autonomous zone was established in Seattle, Washington, and took only weeks to descend into violence and criminality. An undercover journalist described the area as “terrifying.”

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