Death ORDER – Foreign Government To Kill 14,000+ People!

Iranian Parliament Votes To Put 14,000+ to Death

Iranian Parliament Votes To Put 14,000+ to Death

( – In Greek mythology, circumstances surrounding Helen of Troy launched 1,000 ships and spurred the Trojan war. In Iran, the tragedy surrounding Mahsa Amini has inspired hundreds of protests and a groundswell movement for women’s rights and cultural freedom resulting in more than 14,000 arrests. Now, the Iranian parliament has voted by an overwhelming majority to punish protesters in custody with death and teach the nation a “hard lesson.”

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman of Kurdish descent, was just trying to visit her brother on Tuesday, September 13, in Tehran. Instead, transit police arrested her for improperly wearing her hijab and turned her over to the morality police despite pleas from her brother that she was from out of town. According to Sky News, an eyewitness said authorities tortured and insulted her in the police van until the young woman lost consciousness. She didn’t receive prompt medical attention, and she was brain-dead after an apparent blow to the head when she reached the hospital. She died three days later in the hospital, four days before she turned 23.

In response to her death and a number of similar deaths of young women at the hands of the morality police, women began protesting. Teens, men, and children joined them. Professionals staged work stoppages, protesters clogged roadways, and women burned their hijabs and publicly cut their hair; even doctors in hospitals are protesting. People made calls for the theocracy to end, for civil rights for women, for an end to human rights violations, and for a return to real democracy. Protesters are also calling for assistance from the world community.

Iran’s authoritarian theocracy has tried to quell protests through fear. Human rights groups claim the regime has already killed more than 300 protesters. On Sunday, November 6, 227 of 290 parliament members signed a letter calling for harsh punishments to serve as a lesson and bring civil unrest under control as quickly as possible.

Javaid Rehman, an Iranian human rights lawyer, told The Guardian the government plans to begin public mass trials for over 1,000 people at a time in Tehran and outside the city with a death sentence at stake. He implored the international community to exert pressure to remind Iran’s government it can’t act with impunity.

Mahsa Amini inspired thousands for a cause. How extensive might her tragedy become?

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