DEATH BLOW: Kamala’s True Colors REVEALED!

( – Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said Vice President Kamala Harris is anti-American. In an interview with Tucker Carlson, the entrepreneur said the country is not divided along Democrat or Republican lines but between pro-America and anti-America. He named the Vice President as the embodiment of anti-Americanism.

Ramaswamy went on to say that there are Democrat voters on the south side of Chicago who agree with Republican demands to close the borders, while there are Republicans in Congress who go along with major Democratic policies. Therefore, he explained, the labels of Democrat and Republican “don’t mean anything” and “are not doing much for us anymore.” He optimistically declared, however, that he believes the country is split 80-20 and that the 80% is pro-America, while the remaining 20% has never been taught true American values.

Harris has several accusations of anti-Americanism to her name, but perhaps the most ferocious backlash she received followed a 2021 speech at a National Congress of American Indians convention. During the speech in left-wing Portland, Oregon, Harris referred to America’s past as “shameful” and described the nation’s founders and pioneers as “perpetrating violence, stealing land, and spreading disease.”

President Biden has also faced anti-Americanism complaints, largely for putting his weight behind policies that could cause incalculable damage to the economy and its future. Political commentator Jason Hayes described Biden’s energy policies as “anti-American” in 2021 and said the President is happy to make the US dependent upon foreign energy rather than produce its own.

“From its first days, the Biden administration has attacked and stifled America’s energy production,” he wrote, before adding that the President’s anti-energy policies reduced domestic production and raised prices for US consumers. Hayes said Biden snubbed American energy producers by “going on bended knee to OPEC and pleading for the oil cartel to boost production.”

Furthermore, the President has described the United States as “systemically racist” and said the nation never lived up to its founding principles.

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