Deadly DUO – Biden’s Plot For Power GROWS

( – The United Nations (UN) has plans to increase its power on the global stage and will do so with the help of the Biden administration. The globalist body will host a conference in 2024 when it will outline its proposals to take control of nation-states in times of crisis. The “Summit of the Future” will build upon the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and “breathe new life into the multilateral system so that it can deliver on the promises of the United Nations Charter and the 2030 Agenda.”

At the heart of the 2030 agenda are climate change and energy production. Part of the plan is to take hundreds of billions of dollars from rich countries to give to the developing world, promote “education” around climate change, and impose UN climate proposals into national politics.

Furthermore, the UN intends to drive national policy by obliging governments to adhere to uniform global responses to any UN-declared crisis, including climate change. In other words, the United Nations will set policies, and the role of national governments will be merely to implement those policies.

New proposals, to be solidified in 2024, also include the establishment of an Emergency Platform, which will give the UN power over private organizations as well as governments. In a document entitled Our Common Agenda: Strengthening the International Response to Complex Global Shocks, the UN Secretary-General seeks the power to declare a global emergency and to “drive an international response” in cooperation with “academics, governments, private sector actors, and international financial institutions.”

The UN would have the power to impose requirements on all such bodies and the ability to extend that power indefinitely.

The Biden administration has already expressed support for the idea. In a 2022 speech, Ambassador Chris Lu praised the emergency platform and UN policies on tackling climate change. Lu finished the speech by saying the US looks forward to advancing a “Common Agenda” with the United Nations.

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