DA’s Double Standards – SHOCKING Hypocrisy EXPOSED!

(ConservativeSense.com) – Social media posts uncovered by YouTube commentator Benny Johnson show Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis repeatedly questioning election results and promoting what Johnson calls “unfounded election conspiracies. The day before President Trump handed himself in to sheriffs in Georgia, Mr. Johnson investigated Willis’s social media past and composed a thread of highlights on Twitter.

Included are photos clearly demonstrating Ms. Willis’s political leanings, particularly her support of the radical left Black Lives Matter group. On her desk is a mug declaring her a “proud Democrat. Johnson also brought together a series of past Twitter posts from Willis, dating back to the 2018 midterms, when she heavily implied election fraud and conspiracy in Fulton County. She tweeted that she wanted votes recounted, and in one exchange with another user, she said “white folk” had cast 116% of the ballots.

Perhaps most surprisingly, Willis even called the 2020 presidential election a “mess” and demanded transparency in Georgia. She implied the water leaks occurring that day were somehow connected, and ballots were being discarded. “A team of lawyers needs to watch them count every single vote.” They can start in Fulton, where we are having water leaks. What ballots are they throwing out? Georgia, let’s get an honest accounting. No stunts,” she wrote on Facebook.

Johnson points out that Willis was either in office as Fulton County District Attorney or campaigning for that office when she made the online statements and asks why it is considered acceptable for a Democrat DA to question election results but not a Republican President.

Meanwhile, former President Trump turned himself in to Fulton County Sheriffs on August 24, and the first ever police mugshot of a US President went public. He faces charges of unlawfully conspiring to change an election result and participating in a “criminal enterprise. Further charges on the indictment include racketeering, conspiracy to commit forgery, writing false statements and filing false documents, solicitation of violation of oath, and conspiracy to impersonate a public officer.

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