Cybersecurity Alert – AI’s SILENT THREAT to Your Privacy!

( – Will artificial intelligence (AI) be used by others to steal your passwords? New research indicates that this may become another part of our reality soon as AI continues to be developed and becomes more advanced.

A new study from Cornell University found that AI was capable of identifying computer passwords by listening to the acoustics of keyboard keys that were pressed while using apps such as Zoom. Not only could AI figure out the password, but with nearly 100% accuracy. The researchers found that the system was able to accurately identify each key by its sound with 93% accuracy over Zoom and 95% over the phone.

The study’s results highlight the potential risks of using the technology for cyberattacks, identity theft, and more. Dr. Ehsan Toreini, one of the co-authors, said he can “see the accuracy of such models” and “attacks” only increasing over time.

And a professor from Warwick University warned people that they should consider not typing any “sensitive messages” or passwords using their keyboard during Zoom calls. “Besides the sound,” he added, “visual images” of one’s shoulder and wrist movements “can also reveal side-channel information,” indicating which keys are being typed even when the keyboard isn’t visible.

AI is becoming an increasingly unavoidable presence in our world today. A few months ago, an open letter was published by the Future of Life Institute and signed by a large number of tech developers and scientists, including Elon Musk, warning about AI. The letter suggested pausing the development of such systems for at least six months until proper guidelines and protections can be developed and put in place.

Everything from education, art, and entertainment to communication and cybersecurity is being transformed by AI. There’s a growing concern that most jobs still being done by humans could eventually be replaced by these systems.

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