Curriculum CLASH – Florida’s K12 Program Under Fire for Slave History!

( – Floridian Governor Ron DeSantis is defending the state’s controversial new school curriculum. The Florida Board of Education signed off on the K-12 social studies program and unleashed a storm.

of criticism, particularly related to the guidance on African American history. The curriculum was formulated mainly by African American professors, but one line has prompted angry protests and fury from Vice President Kamala Harris.

The curriculum simply states that “slaves developed skills that, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.” The mainstream media and the Vice president say Florida is suggesting that slavery had positive aspects. Kamala Harris said that American children won’t understand the history and nature of slavery, but its authors argue they are simply telling the truth.

Florida Department of Education Commissioner Manny Diaz said, “The federal government won’t dictate Florida’s education standards. This new curriculum is based on truth. We will not back down from teaching our nation’s true history at the behest of a woke White House.”

Republican Rep. Byron Daniels said the curriculum covers all aspects of American history but did add that the statement causing the outcry should be adjusted. While distancing himself from its production, Ron DeSantis pointed out that the curriculum document merely notes the uncontroversial fact that slaves who learned a trade could fall back on that trade upon emancipation.

The Board of Education is similarly sticking to its guns. In an extensive statement, the board said the standards are supported by recorded accounts of African Americans, including slaves and their descendants.

Education in Florida has been under the spotlight since Governor DeSantis passed the Parental Rights in Education Act, disallowing discussion of adult themes with young children. Furthermore, the Sunshine State is one of a growing number to prohibit teaching critical race theory. This purports that America is a racist country where white people are privileged and black people are oppressed. DeSantis fiercely opposed it, saying no child should feel guilty for their ancestors’ actions.

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