( – Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz criticized the strict anti-gay legislation in Uganda on Monday, tweeting that the law is “horrific and wrong,” stirring up controversy among Republicans and Democrats, many of whom called the senator’s position hypocritical. The new sweeping legislation in Uganda includes legalizing the death penalty for those caught having gay relations together.

Cruz took to Twitter on Monday to condemn the legislation and called on other nations to also condemn it. The senator said that any law criminalizing gay relations “or imposing the death penalty… is grotesque and an abomination.” Cruz that every “civilized” nation should “join together” to condemn the law, which he called an abuse of human rights. Other public officials, including President Joe Biden, criticized the Ugandan government’s decision, calling the legislation a “tragic violation” of human rights. 

Biden also threatened possible sanctions on nations responsible for the abuse of human rights and is looking at the situation in Uganda, which he asked to be evaluated by the National Security Council. 

Biden called the act “shameful” and acknowledged that Uganda has a “trend” of human rights violations which he called “alarming.” The president said the “backsliding” of democracy in Uganda not only threatens their own citizens, but American government personnel there as well as tourists, business members, and others. Cruz received some backlash from conservatives and Republicans on Twitter, who said he was misinterpreting the law which only allows the death penalty in incidents where those engaged in gay relations are HIV-infected or acts that involve children, the disabled, or someone under the influence of drugs. 

Republicans are known for usually having a harder stance on so-called “LGBT rights,” but Cruz reiterated his position that although he may not agree with the actions of gay adults, he does not think consenting adults should be condemned for their behavior in the bedroom. 

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