Cringey ‘Woke’ Moment HAUNTS Top Dem On Election Day

TikTok Video of Gov. Whitmer Resurfaces on Election Day

TikTok Video of Gov. Whitmer Resurfaces on Election Day

( – The midterm elections held on Tuesday, November 8, generated a number of interesting discussions in various campaigns, highlighting the differences between Republican and Democratic candidate values. In one example, a TikTok video resurfaced on the eve of election day, showing incumbent Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) engaging in more woke politics.

After signing a bill to eliminate taxes on menstrual products last November, Whitmer spoke about how the bipartisan tax repeal would save “people with a period” nearly $5,000 over their lifetimes.

Yet, it’s become commonplace for Democratic candidates to avoid using terms like men or women when talking about the inherent biological functions each gender has, such as pregnancy, menstruation, nursing children, and more. Liberal woke candidates seem focused on not offending marginal constituents like those who are transgender and gay rather than addressing the majority of their voters.

Despite the video and the controversy surrounding it, Whitmer rallied to defeat her Republican challenger, Tudor Dixon, by nearly a 10-point spread to retain the governor’s seat in Michigan. Still, she wasn’t without backlash for all the controversial policies she enforced during the pandemic.

Michigan is still facing issues of crime, inflation, educational lags for many students, and other issues. As Michiganders and others who’ve voted for Democrats face the winter, do you think they’ll face buyer’s remorse? Will it affect the outcome of the 2024 election?

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