Controversial Film Spurs Survivor to SPEAK OUT

( – The small-budget film “Sound of Freedom” is defying all expectations at the box office, shining a light on the worldwide problem of human trafficking, and one survivor said she’s not shocked by the success of the film, praising its success for raising awareness and generating some action from Congress.

Bishop Donna Hubbard, a survivor of human trafficking, appeared on Fox News on Sunday and gave her two cents about the controversial movie. She said it was something “personal” for her and she described the subject as “the number one human rights issue” on the planet in today’s world.

Hubbard added that trafficking “people of color from around the world” has been happening “for many, many years,” long before the current epidemic of human trafficking, particularly of children. She added that the problem “now knows no gender,” age, or ethnicity, reiterating it’s the “number one” issue in human rights and that the movie brings the subject “to the forefront of the conversation.”

And lawmakers are finally joining that conversation. Republicans in the Senate are calling for more hearings on the issue and the border policies of the Biden administration. Many have signed a letter demanding hearings, including Sens. Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, Tom Cotton, and Ron Johnson. The letter stated that there are nearly 18,000 estimated victims each year. Republicans blame the “open border” policies of President Joe Biden and his administration, which they argue help facilitate and strengthen the industry of human trafficking and drug smuggling.

Last week, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy hosted a movie night screening of “Sound of Freedom” for members of Congress, which was also attended by the film’s star, Jim Caviezel, and by Tim Ballard, whose story the movie is based on.

“Sound of Freedom” is promoting a national conversation about human trafficking, as well as the testimony of brave whistleblowers like Tara Lee Rodas. Some Democrats have tried to brush off the film as a form of propaganda for “Q-Anon” conspiracy theories, and Republicans continue to promote it for highlighting a serious issue they feel must be addressed in the U.S.

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