Conspiracy Theory CONFIRMED? New Evidence PROMISED!

( – Donald Trump said he would release all files on the assassination of John F. Kennedy if he is re-elected to the White House in 2024. The topic has taken on new life since the Democratic Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy said he believes the CIA was involved in the killing. 

The previous Trump administration released some information related to the assassination, but 4,300 records remain redacted. Trump said he will release them all if he wins the next election. 

Democratic President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963. Police arrested Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder, and while being detained, he was shot and killed, in front of police and the media, by a lone gunman Jack Ruby. 

report was issued in 1964 upholding the official narrative and the media began using the term “conspiracy theorists” for the first time to describe people who questioned the investigation results. But doubts have persisted throughout the decades. 

The assassination was re-investigated in 1976 by the House of Representatives. That review shed further doubt on the official story and found it likely that more than one shooter killed President Kennedy. However, no other person could be identified. 

Robert F. Kennedy, who is a Democrat, has defended his claim that the CIA killed his uncle as his popularity increases. Kennedy has bucked the trend among Democrats and speaks out in favor of free speech and in opposition to mandatory vaccinations and mass immigration. He is polling at around 20%. 

Theories about Kennedy’s assassination have persisted over the years. One so-called “conspiracy theory” is endorsed by the Democratic candidate. This maintains that the CIA arranged the killing because President Kennedy opposed further troop deployments to Vietnam. This version of events is upheld in the 1991 movie JFK. The film tells the story of Louisiana District Attorney Jim Garrison, who believed the President was killed to ensure war-based profits for the so-called military-industrial complex.

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