Congressman’s DINNER Takes A Surprising Twist

( – New York Rep. George Santos attended a dinner in DC at the Washington Press Club on Wednesday but didn’t receive a very warm welcome.

In the style of a stand-up comedian, South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace took multiple shots at Santos before an audience of fellow politicians and reporters at the annual dinner, saying she knows the Congressman wanted to deliver the keynote speech that night, but that organizers “wanted someone who could tell a joke, but not actually be one.”

Mace said Santos has “given Republicans a bad name” and proceeded to also take a jab at Colorado Rep. Lauen Boebert. When Mace brought up how Santos lied about playing volleyball in college, she said if one is going to lie, to “at least make it about something big  — like you actually won the 2020 presidential election,” which received displeased reactions in the audience.

Mace wasn’t the only one to make fun of Santos. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also took the opportunity to do so, stating that he was the first Jewish majority leader, but not “just Jew-ish like some other New Yorkers in Congress… I’m the real thing.” This was in reference to Santos lying about having Jewish heritage.

Santos is currently being investigated by the House Ethics Committee for suspicious campaign finance reports as well as lying about his background. He’s also been a constant feature in headlines as more and more unusual details of his past emerge, from claiming to have met deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein and singing bad karaoke online to accusations of conning a veteran out of donation money meant to save a dying dog.

A few protesters showed up outside his office recently, calling for Santos to step down. And Mitt Romney bumped into Santos at Biden’s State of the Union Address, telling the Congressman “you don’t belong here.”

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