Congressman HIRES New Staffer – There’s Just One Problem!

Washington DC, June 2017, United States: Albert Gallatin statue in front of the northern entrance to the United States Treasury Building

( – New York Rep. George Santos can’t seem to stay out of the headlines. This time, with a lot of questions being raised recently about Santos’ campaign funds and his former treasurer’s financial reports, his campaign committee announced a new treasurer who never even officially accepted the job.

Thomas Datwyler turned down the job before the announcement was made and yet the paperwork was still filed with his name listed, email and mailing address, and a supposed electronic signature.

Although it wasn’t immediately clear if this was just another lie by Santos, Datwyler’s lawyer said there must have been a miscommunication. In a statement made on Monday, they said that “we informed the Santos campaign that Mr. Datwyler would not be serving as treasurer,” and that there appears to be “a disconnect between that conversation and the filings… which we did not authorize.”

Legally, a campaign committee cannot raise money or spend it without a treasurer, who collects all contributions, balances the finances, and is the only person who can approve decisions on campaign expenses.

On Wednesday, Devolder Santos for Congress announced Datwyler as treasurer and custodian of records in the paperwork filed to the Federal Election Commission, replacing Nancy Marks. Marks, whose been scrutinized by the FEC for problems with Santos’s campaign finance reports, held both positions since 2020 and has made no comment on the matter.

This latest blunder is just one more for the pile of controversies that Santos has already amassed. So far, he’s been caught lying on his resume, lying about having Jewish heritage, accused of conning a veteran out of donation money for a dying dog, and made questionable claims that he met Jeffrey Epstein.

Whether or not filing Datwyler as his new treasurer was a mistake or not, it’s difficult for many to trust someone like Santos anymore.

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