COMPROMISED: Billionaire’s Mistress a Black Widow?!

( – A woman alleged to have had an affair with Bill Gates has been linked to a Russian spy. A photo emerged, taken in 2009, showing the Russian spy Anna Chapman with Mila Antonova, a bridge player said to have been Gates’ mistress at the time.

Chapman is among a group of Russian spies who conducted covert surveillance for the Kremlin in America. She initially lived in the UK and married a British man, but moved to the United States in 2009. She lived in an upscale apartment a stone’s throw from Wall Street and worked as a fashion model. She was arrested by the FBI in June 2010, along with fellow snoops.

Mila Antonova is a professional bridge player who is almost 30 years younger than Gates. The Microsoft founder is known for his passion for the game and attends North American Bridge Championship (NABC) tournaments. The two allegedly started an affair around 2009 and were seen together at a bridge tournament in Nevada in 2010. Gates was still married to his long-time wife, Melinda, at the time. Antonova is also associated with disgraced billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The young Russian met Epstein while seeking funding for an online bridge instruction company. He did not invest, but she stayed at his New York apartment a year later. Epstein did, however, fund Antonova’s attendance at a computer programming school and later asked Gates to reimburse the costs. According to the Wall Street Journal, the tone of the email from Epstein to Gates “was that Epstein knew about the affair and could expose it.”

The communication came after meetings between the two billionaires to discuss setting up a charitable fund, but Gates did not invest.

Bill Gates has said he regrets the relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, even though the pair met after Epstein was convicted on charges of procuring underage girls for prostitution. “I will say for the over 100th time, yeah, I shouldn’t have had dinners with him,” Gates said.

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