Comeback KING – He’s DONE Taking Crap!

( – Republican presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is finally firing back against former president Donald Trump, who’s been taking shots at DeSantis months in advance of the Florida governor’s campaign launch.

DeSantis believes that leftist “woke” ideology “is an existential threat to our society” and that one of Trump’s weaknesses is not having what it takes to fight against it.

While visiting Iowa, DeSantis was asked about recent comments made two days prior by Trump about the term “woke.” The former president said that he doesn’t like the term because “half the people” who use the word “can’t even define it” and “don’t know what it is.”

DeSantis responded by accusing Trump of not understanding “what a lot of these issues are” by saying “it’s not a big deal.”

Trump launched his third run for the presidency last year in November, and he remains the dominant front-runner according to the polls, but DeSantis seems to be catching up. Although he delayed launching his campaign, now that the Florida governor is in the race he will be looking for any weak spot of his primary opponent.

DeSantis made the fight against “woke” the central mission of his governorship in Florida, passing bill after bill to push back against the leftist ideology.

Among the victories Republicans have achieved in the state under DeSantis are abortion restrictions; banning schools from using state funds for diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) programs; limiting critical race theory (CRT) and LGBT subjects from being taught in schools. On top of these wins, Republicans have also passed constitutional carry for firearms in Florida and laws limiting the power of the Chinese Communist Party from purchasing land.

Opposing the “woke agenda” will be a primary selling point for DeSantis, so he will naturally downplay any strides Trump may have made in that area during his presidency.

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