Chip Roy Urges State Officials To Ignore Supreme Court Order On Razor Wire At Border

( – Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas is defying the federal government and calling on other Lone Star State lawmakers and officials to do the same by ignoring the recent order by the US Supreme Court allowing federal officials to remove razor wire installed along the southern border.

On Tuesday, Jan. 23, Roy told Fox News that Texas officials have a constitutional duty to protect its citizens, which he said applies to the leadership responsibility “of any sovereign state.” Roy said there’s “no exception” to this leadership norm and that even if the Supreme Court ignores “that truth,” the Lone Star State and its leaders are still duty-bound to defend its people.

Roy compared the border situation to someone “breaking into your house” only to be told by the court that you’re not allowed to defend yourself. “What do you tell the court?” he asked. Roy then answered his own question and said the proper response is to “tell the court to go to hell,” defend oneself, and figure the rest out later.

In an earlier comment posted on Twitter immediately after the court’s decision, Roy called the opinion “unconscionable,” advising the state to “ignore it” or else they will put Border Patrol agents in an even worse position by continuing Biden administration policies.

The Jan. 22 decision gave Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) the green light to resume lifting or removing razor wire installed along the Rio Grande to stop illegal entry as part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s “Operation Lone Star.”

The governor and Republican lawmakers justify the operation, which includes a buoy barrier and net installation in the river itself, by pointing to the Biden administration’s policies that have created an influx of immigration over the last two years while doing nothing to stop illegal entry. The state is becoming desperate as the situation worsens, and it’s clear many will not back down from taking matters into their own hands if the president isn’t going to, even if that means defying the federal government.

Abbott responded to the SCOTUS opinion by defending the use of the wire, which he called an “effective deterrent,” and vowing to continue his defense of Texas’ “constitutional authority” to protect its own border and stop the Biden administration from destroying the state’s property.

“This is not over,” the governor declared.

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