Children are Being “Groomed” at Drag Show, Says Journalist

( – An independent journalist has accused an ‘all ages’ drag show of grooming children. Tayler Hansen attended the Drag Queen Christmas event in Austin, Texas, and said that material appropriate only to adults was performed in front of young children. He posted graphic videos and photos to his Twitter account. The footage shows children engaging in conversation with stage performers and discussing adult topics.

Producers of the event are planning a tour of 18 states.

“Drag” refers to a theatrical or musical performance during which men wear often outrageous outfits and present as females. Such acts have historically been performed at adult nightclubs and bars, but controversy and concern are growing across the country as these events now deliberately advertise themselves to children.

In June 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joined with other Republican politicians to express outrage that kids were attending adult events. He said his state could use child endangerment laws to put a stop to it. Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini went further and suggested that taking children to these events could become a felony.

DeSantis and Sabatini joined a chorus of condemnation from Republicans in Arizona who issued a statement in June this year highlighting an event held at a Phoenix museum. “Performers were seen dressed in scantily clad attire while carrying out provocative dance moves that little to the imagination as youngsters watched,” the statement read.

But while Republicans express dismay at the growing instances of children being exposed to adult material, the White House goes in the opposite direction. When signing the Respect for Marriage Act in December, the President invited a “non binary” drag queen to the signing ceremony. In 2020, Marti Gould Cummings, while standing for election to the New York City council, described himself as a “proud fem queer non binary drag artist” and campaigned for the police to be defunded.

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