Chicago Mayor Claims Texas Gov. Is Creating Chaos Over Migrant Bussing To Dem Cities

( – The Democratic mayor of Chicago is not happy with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, accusing the Lone Star State leader of causing “chaos” across the nation by bussing immigrants out of his state by the thousands and sending them to Democrat-run cities.

While speaking at a press conference on Monday, Dec. 18, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said that immigrants sent from Texas to Chicago are sent in unhealthy conditions and that the new arrivals are putting a serious strain on city resources and programs. Johnson decried the situation and stated that the immigrants were coming to a city with “homelessness” and “mental health clinics that have been shut down and closed.”

Johnson said how Chicago responds is not the only issue, but also “the fact” that “an elected official in the state of Texas” is bussing immigrants into the city “without shoes,” in “cold, wet” conditions, and “tired, hungry, afraid,” and “traumatized.” He noted how these people are arriving in a city already struggling with large numbers of homeless, mentally ill, and “people who are seeking employment.”

The Chicago mayor told Abbott “to take a look in the mirror” and recognize “the chaos he’s causing” for Americans. Thousands of immigrants have been bussed out of Texas border towns and into Democrat-run states and cities, many of which have designated themselves as “sanctuaries” for asylum seekers.

The Chicago mayor said the problem isn’t “just a Chicago dynamic” and that Abbott “is attacking” the whole country. Johnson isn’t the only Democrat-run city mayor to criticize Abbott’s bussing protocol. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has also blasted the Texas governor, calling him a “madman” and claiming the crisis will “destroy” the Big Apple. Adams even tried to accuse Abbott of racism for sending immigrants to cities run by black mayors.

Andrew Mahaleris, the Texas governor’s press secretary, responded to Johnson’s remarks and said the Chicago mayor is “flat out lying” and that if he “truly cared” about the new arrivals, he would stop “complaining.” He also noted that immigrants bussed out of Texas sign a consent waiver and that the buses are properly supplied to accommodate them.

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