Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Blames Lightfoot For ‘Inherited’ Migrant Crisis

( – Chicago’s left-wing mayor, Brandon Johnson, has blamed the city’s migrant crisis on his predecessor, Lori Lightfoot. Speaking at a recent press conference announcing the first government-run migrant camp, Johnson said he inherited the crisis that has brought protestors and chaos to the streets as large numbers of migrants arrive to find little available accommodation and few facilities. Johnson also blamed “right-wing extremism” for the problem.

Around 20,000 border crossers have arrived in the Windy City since last fall. Some are accommodated in police stations, with many at O’Hare International Airport, while others are housed in schools and other public facilities. Dozens were recently forced to leave a police station on 17th and State streets and set up camp on the sidewalk with furniture and mattresses.

People from the city’s South Side, predominantly black, have been protesting against the influx and the money spent on migrants while Chicago’s natives go without. “To have us foot the bill and hand over our already limited resources, public parks, and school buildings that have been unjustly closed in the first place,” one protestor said.

Similar demonstrations took place at the opening of the new migrant camp, for which Mayor Johnson convened a press event. Construction started on the Southwest Side on November 29, attracting dozens of protestors opposing the plans; some said they were worried about the environmental impact and strain on local services.

Mr. Johnson, meanwhile, lashed out at Republicans for sending migrants to Chicago and accused them of racism for targeting cities run by people of color. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has bussed border crossers to Chicago and other urban areas that self-describe as “sanctuary cities.”

Sanctuary cities, or regions, are pro-migration and boast that they do not cooperate with federal immigration agencies. New York Mayor Eric Adams describes the Big Apple as a “sanctuary city” and, as such, has also been forced to host thousands of migrants shipped from various Republican states. Adams said migration is now “destroying” New York City.

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