CHEATERS – Is Education As We Know It OVER?!

( – Teachers and professors getting over the shock of AI systems, especially ChatGPT, and the impact such technology is having on their classrooms are now looking ahead and preparing themselves for the inevitable reality of such systems in our world.

During the last school year, educators had to contend with the reality of artificial intelligence software infiltrating the school system, worrying that students would use the new technology to cheat on homework or write papers.

Teachers were panicking across the country because they had no idea what to do about tools like ChatGPT, which could be used to generate entire essays or even perform calculations for a student’s math homework. Some districts banned the program from school servers entirely, and an entire college class was accused by their professor of using AI to produce their papers.

CEO and co-founder of a company called the AI Education Project, Alex Kotran, said that a “shift” is occurring from teachers and professors initially “being overwhelmed” with “trying to make sense” of AI and “how to respond” to the many questions about ChatGPT from students regarding “cheating or jobs,” to a state of “acceptance.”

Preparing to deal with AI is teaching teachers two important facts: the systems aren’t as smart as initially thought—at least not yet—and they will have to become more creative with assignments to navigate in a world where such technology now exists.

In April, an open letter was written and released by the Future of Life Institute that was signed by tech experts, industry executives, and scientists and warned about “risks to society” posed by AI and called for a pause of at least six months in the development of AI systems until safety protocols and guidelines could be developed. Tesla founder and Twitter owner, Elon Musk, was one of the signers, as was Apple’s Steve Wozniak.

Schools are now coming up with guidelines for teachers on how to deal with AI, how to recognize if a student is using AI bots to do their work for them, and even how to integrate the technology into lessons without outright banning it.

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