CA’s Reparations Plan Would Softball Black Child Support Debtors

( – The California Reparations Task Force is calling for the elimination of interest on past-due child support payments for black residents. The group’s final report claims that black families are torn apart by “the disproportionate number of African Americans who are burdened with child support debt.”

The Task Force asks that legislation be enacted that will “terminate all interest accrued on back child support, requiring only the payment of the principal owed. At a minimum, the proposal recommends that the Legislature eliminate the prospective accrual of interest on child support debt for low-income parents.”

The committee was formed in 2020 during the Black Lives Matter riots across the US and given the green light by liberal Governor Gavin Newsom. Its final report also calls for an end to law enforcement on minor crimes such as public intoxication, turnstile jumping, or public urination. The report states that such laws amount to the criminalization of poverty, which disproportionately affects black Californians.

The recommendations put forward by the panel include a cash payment for each black resident, provided they can prove they are descended from slaves, but an amount has yet to be agreed upon. At a recent meeting, proceedings fell into chaos as some attendees called for payments as high as $200 million each.

Last December, the New York Times reported that the committee had worked out a figure of $223,200 in compensation for “housing discrimination” alone. The group said that “systemic racism” was responsible for the financial woes of black Californians, and a total figure of almost $570 billion was suggested. The Golden State’s annual budget is $300 billion.

Despite approving the formation of the task force, Governor Gavin Newsom has stayed largely silent on its recommendations. He said he would continue to support diversity and inclusion policies in the future. The panel’s recommendations will now pass to the state legislature to decide which proposals will be implemented and how they will be financed.

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