Capitol Warns Staffers of Violence on the Hill

( – Amid an increase in violent crime in the Capitol City, congressional members and staff were warned by House Republicans on Monday to take more safety precautions in Washington, D.C.

Those working on Capitol Hill were cautioned to take necessary steps regarding their safety in D.C. by the House Administration Committee. The committee said an “informational security briefing” will be held next week for any employees who are interested in safety tips and precautions.

In their explanation of the briefing, the committee said the past year has “seen a dramatic increase in violent crime and theft” in D.C. and that the city is nearing “the most homicides” seen in twenty years; car-jackings have increased by 105%; and motor vehicle thefts have increased by 113%.

The committee also gave examples of how the community on Capitol Hill has already been impacted, citing the stabbing of one of Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s aides in March as well as an attack against Democratic Minnesota Rep. Angie Craig in February. They also noted that several staffers have experienced incidents of home invasions and stolen cars.

Violent crime is currently up by 39% in 2023 and property crime by 27%, according to data from the Metropolitan Police Department. A few weeks ago, the Mexican consulate warned D.C. residents to “take precautions” due to the crime wave, noting that areas once “considered safe” are not becoming more dangerous. A similar warning came from the Guatemalan consulate in Washington.

Although Congress ultimately controls Washington, the common governmental operations are handled by a city council and a mayor, and there’s often friction between them. A new law proposed by the Democratic-dominated city council was overturned by Congress at the beginning of the year, which would have lightened penalties for certain crimes.

The House committee scheduled the safety briefing for September 18 and has invited law enforcement members and crime victims to speak.

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