Call for CHANGE – Debate SPARKS on ‘Disabled’ Presidents

( – Dan Coats, an 80-year-old former intelligence officer, said the United States needs a young President. Coats, who served with Biden in the Senate, said, “I strongly believe that we need someone younger, whether it’s on the Democratic side or the Republican side… Right now, we have two disabled Presidents.”

President Biden is also 80 years old and is the oldest-ever occupant of the White House. If he wins a second term next year, he will be 86 in the final year of his Presidency.

Coats’ remarks follow reports that the President’s aides are worried about his ability to do the job, especially in light of a recent fall at the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony. President Biden tripped and fell over a sandbag on the stage and was helped to his feet while appearing unsteady. He was also mocked online recently when he mumbled incoherently to Israeli President Isaac Herzog, and he has made several public mistakes while speaking.

White House officials have taken steps to try to reduce the potential for embarrassing mishaps, such as using shorter stairs for the President to access Air Force One; he has tripped and fallen while ascending to the aircraft in the past. He has also reportedly declined dinners and other social occasions on foreign trips and focused solely on formal meetings with world leaders. When asked about his failure to attend dinners, White House officials said he was dealing with matters back home.

Polling of Democratic voters reveals that large numbers of those who supported Biden in 2020 now want him to step aside, and the primary reason is his age. His campaign strategists try to make him look younger, and his schedule for the early part of 2023 was published to show he was busier than Barack Obama over the same period of his Presidency.

The White House has further attempted to spin the issue to President Biden’s advantage, saying experience is more important than physical prowess and that with age comes wisdom.

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