California School District Funding LGBTQ Lessons

( – A California school district has been spending thousands of dollars for “LGBTQ Presentations” to young children. Almost $10,000 has been paid by the Twin Rivers Unified School District to the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN), one of the primary advocates for so-called “gender ideology” in the state. This ideology purports that girls and boys, often as young as kindergarteners, can choose to change their gender.

The scandal is one of many to have been exposed across the United States as adult material is increasingly provided to young children. One Los Angeles school was said to be holding LGBT clubs for children as young as four. The problem is not restricted to California, or even to blue states. In Florida last year, Governor Ron DeSantis warned that he would use child endangerment laws to punish parents who exposed their children to adult material at so-called “drag shows”.

Gender-ideology is among a host of far-Left themes being imparted to children and teenagers throughout the United States. Critical race theory is also prevalent in schools across the nation. This teaches that white people are privileged and that all non-white people are the victims of discrimination and oppression. It also purports that America is a racist nation that was built on the back of slavery. These ideas have won the widespread support of big business and many in politics, particularly Democrats.

The school infiltration by leftist activists is having a profound effect. In a YouGov survey in 2021, 85% of Democrat voters endorse the idea that racism is systemic in America. Additionally, 72% said all disparities between black and white were caused by racism, and 85% believe white people enjoy race-based privilege. Among 18-20 year olds, large majorities reported having been taught these contentious concepts in schools, including that “gender is an identity choice” and that white people are racist merely by virtue of being white.

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