California Police Arrest 56 After Illegal Street Takeover

( – Following a mass arrest of 56 people in connection with the vandalization of a police vehicle, a southern California sheriff is warning individuals who participate in taking over streets illegally that law enforcement will crack down.

On Saturday, June 1, the Sheriff’s Department of San Bernardino County issued a statement announcing the arrest of 56 individuals involved with a street takeover and subsequent destruction of a police cruiser in Adelanto and then issuing a warning.

The incident happened two weeks prior, on Saturday, May 11, when a Highland Station deputy was on his way to another call when he stumbled upon “a street takeover” at an intersection. The statement says that as the deputy was attempting “to disperse the crowd,” the deputy’s clearly marked Sheriff’s vehicle was surrounded by the throng, who then vandalized the patrol car. Members of the street mob damaged the car’s “windshield and body panels.”

A subsequent investigation “identified participants” who were connected to local High Desert area car clubs, which have demonstrated “similar behavior” by taking over streets and conducting “sideshows,” often posting videos of the pop-up gatherings on social media. They’ve also been known to use stolen vehicles.

The statement says some participants in the street takeover were holding a sideshow in Adelanto on private property where they also “displayed firearms.” The city of Victorville issued search warrants and found a stolen car and stolen firearms. Then, they conducted a raid (code-named “Operation Consequences”) on June 1 with personnel from multiple nearby police stations who arrested “participants and spectators as they fled” from the abandoned property.

Thirty-seven adults and 19 juveniles were taken into police custody during the operation. The juveniles were brought to the Sheriff’s Station in Victorville City where they all received a citation before being released to their families. The adults were all taken to the High Desert Detention Center for processing, citation, and release.

Sheriff S. Dicus said that San Bernardino County would not tolerate “this type of recklessness” and that they would continue to crack down on sideshows and street takeovers.

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