BRUTAL Attack – Liberal Policies Wreak Havoc!

( – A female prisoner in New Jersey alleges she was assaulted by a male inmate who identifies as a woman after multiple instances of harassment.

The inmate, Shakira Reed, is in prison at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in New Jersey. In an exclusive report for Reduxx, she said a fellow inmate who identifies as transgender punched her in the head multiple times, giving her two black eyes and breaking her nose.

Witnesses described the incident as bloody, and Reed said she was attacked because she did not want to have intercourse with the inmate, Jermain Gibson.

Reed was transferred to a medical facility after the incident to treat her injuries, and both inmates were punished with 90-day solitary confinement. Another inmate, who spoke to Reduxx anonymously, said she lived with both inmates and attested that Reed was harassed by Gibson continuously before the assault took place. Two weeks prior to the assault, Gibson exposed himself to Reed, which was reported but Gibson received no punishment for the incident.

Last year, two New Jersey inmates got pregnant from a trans-identifying male prisoner. These incidents are raising questions and concerns about the decision to eliminate all-female and all-male spaces. And prisons are not the only area raising these concerns.

The debate began with bathrooms, and one of the most contentious issues in the country right now is allowing males who identify as trans to compete against females in girls’ and women’s sports. Some states, such as Florida, have moved to pass legislation banning trans athletes from competing in sports not corresponding to their biology.

New Jersey began imposing the new radical policy of allowing male trans inmates to be placed in facilities in line with their so-called “gender identity” in 2021, and unless the policy is rolled back, it’s likely more incidents like this will continue to occur.

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