Brought To Their KNEES – RECORD Low!

( – The fortunes of Bud Light continue to spiral downward as sales records hit another low. The beer’s popularity has dropped by more than 28% since last year, while numbers continue to fall weekly. By the week ending June 17, sales were down 28.5% on last year; the previous week, the figure was 24.4%. Furthermore, sales of Budweiser and other products by Anheuser-Busch were also down.

Bud Light’s fall has given other beers a boost. Modelo Especial has replaced it as the nation’s favorite beer, and Coors Light and Miller Lite have also increased in popularity. Modelo’s sales went up by 8.6% in the week leading up to June 17. Miller Lite was up 16%, Coors Light was up 21.8%, and Yuengling Lager was up 25.1% over the same period.

Anheuser-Busch, the St. Louis-based brewer that owns Bud Light, has tried to distance itself from the decision to hire transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney and blamed the fiasco on a third-party marketing company. New ads were recently released showing everyday Americans celebrating a warm summer, but followers on social media rejected them as too little, too late.

Budweiser attempted to reverse its ailing fortunes with a patriotic advertisement featuring the iconic Clydesdale horse galloping across America, but it failed to appease critics.

CEO Michel Doukeris said speculation about the relationship between the company and Mulvaney was false, and the extent of their partnership was limited to a single video made by the controversial TikTok star. “We need to clarify the facts that this was one camp, one influencer, one post, and not a campaign,” he said. Doukeris wrote to distributors, reassuring them that there would be no more promotions featuring Mulvaney.

Dylan Mulvaney is a former actor who began describing his “journey to girlhood” on TikTok over a year ago. In celebration of 365 days of girlhood,” he received a pack of Bud Light cans with his face emblazoned on them. He showed these on TikTok and prompted an immediate boycott.

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