Brainwashing Scheme EXPOSED – Save The Children

( – Cartoon Network will be introducing young children to gender ideology using “they/them” pronouns in one of their animated shows targeted at kids as young as 6 years old.

The show, “We Baby Bears,” is described by the network as being for viewers 6 years old and up, and will air an episode in recognition of Pride Month that is meant to be “inclusive” of “LGBTQ” people. The organization GLAAD was given an exclusive sneak peek of the “non-binary inclusive episode” titled “Polly’s New Crew,”, which they wrote about on their website, praising the show for featuring “two non-binary characters” and discussing “pronoun usage.”

Of course, the show is teaching children more than grammar, it is teaching an ideology that believes one can be born in the wrong body; that boys can become girls and girls can become boys; and that someone can be neither a boy or a girl, based on how they feel inside, or neither. Many Americans disagree with these notions.

Last month, the Nickelodeon show Transformers: EarthSpark sparked similar controversy by also introducing a non-binary character into the series and using “they/them” pronouns in dialogue.

As LGBTQ subjects continue to be introduced at younger and younger ages, conservatives, Republicans, and moderates across the nation are wondering why children need to be taught about subjects they consider too mature for them to understand. In particular, those concerned consider transgenderism and gender ideology to be an erasure of fundamental truths of existence, biology itself, as well as an affront to some religious beliefs.

And it’s not just Christian conservatives in the West speaking out against teaching LGBTQ subjects to minors. Earlier this month, there were large protests organized by Muslim parents in Maryland and in Ottowa, Canada against teaching these subjects in schools.

With the 2024 presidential election looming in the US, the subject of gender ideology and transgenderism will be impossible to avoid during the debates.

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