Boy, 10, Dies Days After Being Swept Into Storm Drain

( – A 10-year-old boy died in Tennessee after he was swept down a drain. Extreme weather in the Volunteer State brought storms and heavy rain, and witnesses stated that the child, Asher Sullivan, was playing with other children in the water when he was pulled into a storm drain. Rescue efforts retrieved the boy and life-saving measures were applied before he was transferred to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

Jimmy Sullivan, Asher’s father, posted an update to Facebook days later saying his son had “passed away” on the afternoon of May 18. The lack of oxygen to the boy’s brain while trapped meant that he could not recover and would not live without support from respiratory devices.

Mr. Sullivan, director of Rutherford County School District, said he prayed for a miracle and had received warm wishes from local people. He noted that he was forced to ask people to stop calling and visiting the hospital because it was hampering the work of the medical professionals.

Tributes to the young boy appeared online, including from his fourth-grade teacher, who called him “funny and silly” and “always trying to bring a smile to a friend who was sad.”

Doctors kept Asher Sullivan’s body alive using life support measures after his parents decided to donate his organs. Family members walked the boy to the operating theater as surgeons prepared to remove vital body parts for transplantation.

Speaking on Facebook, Sullivan said that taking his son for that surgery was excruciating, but there was some relief in knowing that he helped four people regain their lives and that he would live on in them. “Our sweet boy did what Asher has always done, he put others first,” Sullivan said.

On the day of the incident, Rutherford County experienced a rare Tornado Emergency, the most extreme warning issued by the National Weather Service. A Tornado was seen near Eagleville, and in Lawrenceburg, a lightning strike caused a house fire that killed three people.

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