Border Crisis Persists – Illegal Migrant Numbers SURGE!

( – There seems to be no end in sight for the illegal and legal immigration crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border that is impacting both nations significantly. Following the surge on the heels of the ending of Title 42, there was a brief lull in encounters, but July saw another spike despite the Biden administration’s claims that their new programs to secure the border are working.

Last month, about 130,000 arrests were made by Border Patrol at the southern border. On top of that, around 50,000 migrants used the government cellphone application CBP One to apply for legal entry into the U.S.

Many of those seeking asylum and waiting for applications to be processed are waiting in Mexico to cross the border, putting a strain on that country as well.

The July figures show a major increase since June, which saw encounters at the border dip below 100,000. President Joe Biden and his administration, of course, took credit for the decrease and attributed it to their expansion of programs to facilitate legal entry.

Despite the latest spike, the Biden administration dismissed July’s higher numbers by comparing the rate of encounters to those seen in May, right before the end of Title 42, which were still higher. The Title 42 policy enacted by former President Donald Trump at the end of his presidency in response to the pandemic allowed the quick expulsion of illegal immigrants and stricter vetting at the border in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

A CBP spokesperson said that the number of “unlawful border crossings” has decreased since implementing their “border enforcement plan” and still “remains well below the levels seen” during Title 42. The spokesperson said the administration remains “vigilant” and that they “expect to see fluctuations,” adding that “smugglers” continue using “disinformation to prey on vulnerable individuals” trying to come to the U.S.

Aside from the hit Texas is taking, with Gov. Greg Abbott mitigating the damage by taking state action to secure the border and to send legal migrants to other states, Arizona is also becoming an epicenter of illegal immigration. States around the country taking in legal migrants are struggling to care for them.

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